Alicia MontalvoOwner & Cosmetologist

    Alicia Montalvo, born and raised in Western New York, is an entrepreneur in the health and beauty industry. She is the founder and owner of Rejuvinex Spa in Kenmore, New York. She has been a professional in the beauty industry for over a decade, striving to always bring quality, cutting edge and personalized services to clients; ultimately helping people to feel their best.

    Alicia fell in love with the health and beauty industry at 3 years old – given a doll that she endlessly beautified and made “look better.”  She graduated from beauty school in 2008 and has continually pursued steps to making the desire and dream of owning a salon a reality. Alicia worked for some of the most luxurious salons and spa’s in the region; and has consequently been mentored by the owners of these establishments as well.

    As a young adult, Alicia was rewarded through exceeding a work quota, by being sent to a very posh, and luxurious spa. This pivotal exposure changed everything for Alicia and set in motion the desire to be an impactful owner of her own spa.  

    Alicia’s passion for continued education and betterment in health, beauty and fitness has brought her much success.  She wants each guest to genuinely enjoy the time spent with her or in her business – leaving feeling renewed. Alicia is fulfilled by making the people of Buffalo feel their best through building a sense of community and providing a beautiful environment to relax, restore and rebuild.  

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